Here's a bunch of things I use to get all the things done.
A working desktop with monitors, keyboard and a mouse.

Inspired by Wes Bos's Uses page, here's a list of the tools and software I use regularly. Make sure to check out for a list of everyone's /uses pages!


  • Visual Studio Code is my main editor. I like the fact that it is highly customisable and open source. I use VS Code almost exclusively, with a little bit of vim here and there.
  • A few fonts I like for coding: JetBrains Mono, Hack, Meslo, Fira Code.
  • Here are the main browsers I use for testing, developing and just surfing the web: Brave, Chrome and Arc.
  • I currently use iTerm2 for my terminal, with Oh My Zsh.
  • As a password manager I use KeePassXC and in addition I use Authy for 2FA.


  • At the moment I'm using a 14-inch Macbook Pro M1, which exceeds my performance needs. It proves to be highly efficient in terms of battery life and operates silently.
  • My main monitor is a Dell 27" 4k S2721Q. For coding, I care more about the pixel density and resolution than about the refresh rate.
  • I keep a Google Pixel phone in my pocket.
  • Mouse is a Logitech MX Master 3.
  • Bose QC35 II has decent battery life, excellent noise cancelling and are comfortable to wear all day.
  • Besides the headphones, to listen to music I keep a Bose SoundLink Mini II in the room.
  • For the keyboard I keep it simple, just like to use the Apple Magic keyboard.
  • For backups I also have a very simple approach, in which I use macOS Time Machine in conjunction with a Seagate external disk.


  • When I'm at home, I brew my coffee using a Hario V60. It makes delicious filter coffee.
  • Ocassionally I also use an AeroPress. Great for travelling too.
  • I also drink a lot of Yerba Mate 🧉, which is a typical energy-boosting beverage from South America.

Other gear

  • My desk is an Omnidesk Pro standing desk. It provides good ergonomics and easy cable management.
  • Lighting: I have a set of Philips Hue Smart Lightstrips attached to the back of my desk. They are pretty cool.
  • Mainly for travelling but also to elevate the laptop in my desk, I use a Roost stand.
  • To carry my stuff around, I use a Tortuga Laptop Backpack.
  • Additionally, I have one of those cheap memory foam foot rests that you can get on eBay.